Aprils Driving School

Street Talk Defensive Driving Courses

  • promote defensive driving skills
  • reduce time on restricted licence
  • suitable for Police recruits
  • suitable for Court requirements
  • suitable for learner*, restricted and full licence holders

Street Talk is an NZTA approved advanced driving skills course that will show you how to use defensive driving skills to reduce the likelihood of being involved in a crash. The course is fun and interactive and you have the option of gaining an NZQA qualification. Once you have completed the course it will reduce the time on your restricted licence by 6 months if you are under 25 years old or by 3 months if you are 25 or older. Below are the scheduled courses for 2015. You can request a special course for your group at your own desired dates and times if you have a minimum of 10 people. To do this email April.

Costs and discounts

Total cost (1 person)$170
Discount cost for 2 people ($160 per person)$320
Super discount cost for group of 5 people ($140 per person)$700

To register for a course complete the form below

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Schedule of courses for 2018

Course 6 Monday 16th July, 4-6pm
Tauranga Central Baptist Church (640 Cameron Road, between Countdown and 13th Ave)
Tuesday 17th July
Wednesday 18th July
Thursday 19th July
Course 7 Thursday 9th August, 4-6pm
Tauranga Central Baptist Church (640 Cameron Road, between Countdown and 13th Ave)
Tuesday 14th August
Thursday 16th August
Tuesday 21st August

The defensive driving course consists of 5 sessions:

Session 1 Theory What is a safe driver? What factors affect our ability to drive safely? 2 hrs
Session 2 Theory Risk awareness 2 hrs
Session 3 Theory How to improve your driving 2 hrs
Session 4 Theory How to identify and respond to hazards 2 hrs
Session 5 Practical Putting theory into practice. Driving test preparation. 1 hr

Total hours 9 hrs

To register for a course contact April by phone, text or email

*If you are a learner licence holder you will need a supervisor to complete some practical driving tasks throughout the course. Please ensure you are able to do this.